Market Bosworth

Last week I had decided that I was fed up and wanted a change of scenery. Work has been rubbish, Dan had been away so we hadn’t really been anywhere new in a while. I took to the internet looking for a last minute, cheap getaway….dog friendly of course!

What I found was Bosworth Hall Hotel & Spa in Market Bosworth.

Market Bosworth-22

Market Bosworth is a market town situated in Leicestershire, just under an hour away from Nottingham. It is a quaint picturesque village with plenty of places nearby to entertain a husky.

The hotel itself is a popular wedding location and from the look of it I can see why. The gardens were immaculate and the stunning hotel provided the perfect backdrop for any photographs.

Market Bosworth-20

Market Bosworth-19
I don’t want to pose, I want to go over there to the park!

The hotel itself is massive and I’m sure we didn’t get to see the majority of it. Hendrix gets a bit too overexcited on arrival to new places so won’t walk like a normal dog and ends up sliding all over the wooden flooring in an attempt to charge around and see everything!

Once we checked in and found our room, we made a quick pit stop to let the weather cheer up before heading back out to explore. We booked a double room which was spacious enough for all 3 of us and included tea and coffee facilities (which were very much appreciated) and an en suite with over the bath shower. I will say though that royal red carpets and white husky fur are not a good mix! I spent a good 20 minutes before we left trying to de-fur the carpet so I apologise to the hotel housekeeping team but I tried!

We didn’t eat at the hotel even though I do believe you can eat with your dog in the bar, the only place dogs are not allowed is the restaurant. There was a large coach group in the bar that night so we decided to head out to find food somewhere a little quieter, even though the menu looked yummy.

Market Bosworth-32
Wooden sculpture in the village

We ended up in the local pub, which thanks to the hotel website, we knew to be dog friendly. It was a nice evening so we sat outside and ate our burgers with a few beers, the perfect way to spend a Saturday night if you ask me.

On the way back we explored the grounds of the hotel….

…but not before having a play on the country park opposite the hotel.

Having the park opposite is great for those quick walks and toilet breaks. However if you have a water dog, which I didn’t think I did, be warned as there are ponds and rivers great for dogs to jump in and come out covered in green algae and smelling not so sweet. Just what you need when you have to take them back to the hotel!

We really enjoyed our stay at Bosworth Hall, the hotel was great value for money (just £54 for the room and £10 for Hendrix) and provided a great location for adventures. Just 20 minutes away we found Sence Valley Forest Park which is a great walking spot for dogs. We will have to do a seperate post to share that part of our trip with you.

If you wish to book your own stay at Bosworth Hall, you can do via their website.

Until next time,

Keep adventuring,

Emma & Hendrix




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  1. Love that you tried cleaning the carpet for them! The things we do because of our dogs 🙄

    1. happyhuskyuk says:

      I felt really bad! He is moulting quite a bit at the moment and it was really noticeable on the dark carpet. You do end up doing some strange things for your dogs don’t you 😂

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