Who’s afraid of the big bad dog?

I don’t normally do this but I’m going to have a bit of a rant!

The aim here is not to upset any small dog owners as I’m sure what I have to say doesn’t apply to you anyway.

This morning, me and Hendrix were returning from our morning walk. At the other side of the road was a lady walking a Yorkshire Terrier. Now from past experiences I knew to stay on the other side of the road for as long as possible however eventually I had to cross over. Keep in mind that at this moment Hendrix was very tired so happily walking next to me on loose lead (no pulling) yet the lady turned round, looked at us in disgust and proceeded to hurry her dog up. Anyone would think that Hendrix was sat there drooling with a knife and fork ready to eat her little Yorkie!

No dogs were harmed in the taking of this photo…honest!

Sadly this is not the first time this has happened, I watched people drag their (usually little) dogs out of the way of Hendrix, sometime going as far as to cross the road and then cross back again!
I’ve had a gentleman shouting at me in the park that Hendrix should be on a lead as he could turn savage at any minute and then proceed to stop and chat to a friend of mine, not minding at all her Miniature Schnauzer which was also off lead.

I don’t know whether it is his size, or breed that puts people off but it upsets me as anyone who has met Hendrix will know, he is just a big softy. He has never shown aggression towards another dog, not even when he was attacked by another dog, he just cried.

So my point is, or should I say my plea to all dog owners is, please don’t judge a dog by his looks or size. I’m not saying big dogs can’t be aggressive, I’ve seen my fair share, yet I have also seen just as many nasty small dogs. If you are approaching a dog, judge it by its behaviour and body language, not its size or breed.

It is small minded people like this that create breed discrimination but that’s a whole different rant.

How can anyone be scared of that face! Photo by Emma Bearman Photography

So for now, be nice to the big dogs, they are not all bad,

Emma & Hendrix


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  1. WildPaws says:

    Great blog! Wilbur & Paisley get the same because they’re terriers and are noisy. They’re both as soft as anything and we know Hendrix is too! We have seen people keeping away from huskies too, seems they think they’re big wolves or something. We never judge a dog on it’s breed but on it’s body language. Looking forward to Wilbur, Paisley and Hendrix having a play together! Love from the WildPaws team

    1. happyhuskyuk says:

      It is a shame that some people are so misinformed about dogs but hopefully the dog lovers outweigh the haters! I am looking forward to our doggy play date too, I love seeing dogs play together 🙂

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