Summer Fun Day

Sundays for us normally consist of an adventure of some sort if possible. We like to take Hendrix out for the day to make sure he is nice and worn out for the start of the week when we unfortunately have to head back to work. Booo for work. 

This Sunday we went to check out the Guide Dogs Summer Fun Day at Shipley Country Park. We have visited Shipley before but had to rush round as we had a house viewing booked. This time we was determined to make the most of it as we had no other plans.

One of the Dog Show contestants

The summer fun day included a fun dog show and a Guide Dog demo. We managed to catch the end of the dog show but spent most of our time looking around the stalls. The show was a lot smaller than others we have visited but Hendrix still managed to sniff out the treat stalls.

We found ourselves a new local independent pet bakery called Faerytails. Hendrix took no time in introducing himself with those big puppy dog eyes of his and was soon sampling their range of cakes. The cakes came in a choice of Mackerel, Sardine or Liver which sound disgusting to me but Hendrix loved them! I nearly bought him a cake but the thought of Sardine kisses put me off a bit. Maybe next time! We did not come away empty handed as we opted for their biscuit range instead choosing Tuna, Peanut Butter & Banana, and Cheeseburger (made with cheese and beef).

Cheeseburger gets the Hendrix seal of approval.

After browsing the stalls we headed off to explore the country park. We had parked in a different car park this time which seemed to put us where all the action was. We soon found a field to let Hendrix burn off some energy as he had tried to play with every dog he saw at the show.


Run, Monday is coming!

After all that running (and the fact Dan forgot the water bottles) we headed off to find some water to cool down. Luckily for us there was a pond nearby.

Hendrix is not normally much of a water dog, he doesn’t mind getting his feet yet, but i’m yet to see him voluntarily swim. He fell in a canal once after barking at a swan but I don’t think that counts. Dogs were advised to be kept on leads due to fisherman but we managed to find a few secluded areas to let Hendrix have a dip. The first time he got brave enough to take a dip he was still on lead, which was probably a good thing as he didn’t realise how deep it was! I wish I had my camera ready to capture his face as he scrambled back out the pond!

We gave him another opportunity to take a dip further round but decided to let him off lead this time, mainly as I could see him dragging Dan in the pond with him! He wasn’t quite brave enough to test the water again but loved watching the ducks.


We had such a fun day in the park and the weather really came through for us. It started quite cloudy but by the time we left there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

Unfortunately Dan is away for the next 2 weekends so we will be stuck at home so I’m glad we got to have an adventure and make the most of the nice weather.

What did you get up to this weekend? We would love to hear your adventure stories,

Emma & Hendrix


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