Blidworth Woods

This weekend we were determined to take advantage of the nice weather (and finally some time off together!) to get out and about. Unfortunately the weather was a little bit too nice and as temperatures here in Nottingham are hitting about 27 degrees our initial plan of a Saturday afternoon adventure was scrapped for a lazy day in the garden with the paddling pool and a bbq.


However bright and early this morning we set off for Blidworth woods whilst the weather was still cool enough for a walk. 7am alarm on a Sunday! The things we do for our dogs! 

Blidworth woods is located near to Sherwood Pines on the outskirts of Mansfield. Like with a lot of woodland walks the trail is also used for horse riders so you have to be wary when letting dogs off lead in case you come face to face with a horse. Hendrix did but soon realised it was a lot bigger than him and backed away! Unfortunately as we already had plans for the day we didn’t have enough time to explore the whole woods. There are various trails to follow and even a specific dog loop which, although not very long, would guarantee no run ins with horses.

My new camera had finally arrived so I was very eager to test it out. There is plenty of opportunity for photos, I just wish we had more time!

flowersmudOf course Hendrix found some muddy water to wade inravenwoods

If you set off on your adventure to Blidworth and realise you have forgotten to pack yourself a picnic (there are plenty of picnic spots) then do not fear, in the car park, there is a food van serving a variety of yummy breakfast and lunch options. They even have something for the dog!

I couldn’t resist stopping for a bacon sandwich, which of course cost me something for Hendrix. They sell ‘dog sausages’ which I was expecting to be a dried sausage treat, it was actually a full sausage. Hendrix was in heaven! There was a lovely community feel sitting at the tables in the car park which was full of dogs and dog lovers enjoying a coffee and some breakfast.

I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of some of the dogs whilst I waited for my sandwich.

labsshetland wm

We will definitely be going back again as it is a lovely dog friendly place, and the possibility of a bacon sandwich is an added bonus!

Hope you have all had an exciting weekend in the sun, we would love to hear what you have been up to.

Emma & Hendrix


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