Go Jauntly

If you are anything like me then you just love to escape into the countryside to get lost. But that’s usually the problem…we actually get lost!

A few weeks back me and Dan visited Broxa Forest in the North Yorkshire National Park. We had done our research and found a trail that we liked the look of so set off on an adventure. However one wrong turn later and we found ourselves lost in the woods and trapped from the trail by a farm with an electric fence! We were able to find our way back by retracing our steps however it but a bit of a downer on the trip and we missed out on a lot of the trail. We commented then that someone needs to create a sat nav style app to guide you around the trails and tell you exactly when to turn off rather than you having to guess.

This is where Go Jauntly is great!

Although it doesn’t talk you through the walk, it is created by other walkers who guide you through with instructions and photographs.  I discovered the app on the apple store recently and thought I would give it a try (it was free after all). It is one of the best apps I have discovered in a long time.

The app provides you with a selection of walks around the country which are listed in order of distance from you. We decided to try Robin Hoods Stride in Derbyshire.

The walks are broken up into steps and with the photographs providing signposts to look out for, the walks become a bit like a treasure hunt! Which is great for the big kid in you! As well as the photos and instructions you can also view a map which tracks your location so you can check you are going the right way. This was my favourite feature as previously we spent a lot of time switching between a trail map, and google maps to try and see where we were and if we were going the right way.

We managed to follow the majority of the 20 steps of the Robin Hood Stride walk without issue. We had to skip one or two steps after a close encounter with some inquisitive cows who chased us out of the field! SONY DSC

As you can see from the photos we had a great walk and made plenty of farmyard friends.

Go Jauntly is a free app and is a community of nature lovers. Once you have signed up you can follow other peoples walks, or create your own for others to enjoy.

I am hoping that by spreading the love for Go Jauntly, that more and more people will join and provide more exciting countryside walks for us to enjoy.

So spread the word, and go and download the app now!

Happy exploring,

Emma & Hendrix

You can download Go Jauntly from the app store, unfortunately there is not yet a version for android.


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