What’s in the cupboard? – Vol 1

Hendrix tries so many different brands and types of treats it is getting impossible to keep up with blog posts for all of them! Therefore I have decided to start a monthly update of ‘What’s in the cupboard’ to share with you the treats we are currently enjoying.


The Doggie Bakery

We met the Doggie Bakery at the All about Dogs Show a few weeks ago. Hendrix dragged me over to their stall to clear out all of the free samples they had out on the table. It is safe to say there wasn’t a flavour he didn’t like! I had never heard of this brand before but their cupcakes looked amazing, even I wanted to try one! We opted for the Carob & Blueberry and of course the Cheese. Hendrix will do anything for cheese!  As with all our favourite brands The Doggie Bakery only use human grade ingredients and don’t add in anything nasty. You can find out more on their website and Facebook page.


This is another purchase from All About Dogs. We were recommended them by Alfiebear’s owner Emma. As soon as we took a look at the treats I could see why! Again they are a brand using all natural ingredients and the proof is in the smell! When you open the packet they smell incredible. After a lot of deliberation we chose the Chicken & Spinach, Chicken Breast and Salmon Bites. Hendrix was a bit dubious at first about the spinach ones. You know how boys are with anything green and healthy! Once he realised it was actually quite nice he eats it no problem. The chicken breast and salmon bites were another story. He gobbles them down without hesitation. The chicken breast are quite big but can easily be tore into smaller chunks as a training treat. You can buy Boxby treats from Dependable Pets.

Pooch & Mutt

We ordered these from our friends at Wildpaws. If you haven’t shopped here then I suggest you check them out, they are a one stop shop for all your favourite brands. We love these training treats as they are small but tasty enough to satisfy Hendrix during training without me worrying he will get fat! We went for the Chicken & Herb but there are a range of flavours to choose from. Best part is, for every pack of Chicken sold, Pooch & Mutt donate 10p to dog charities! Find out which charities they support and their range of treats on their website.

The rest of the treats we have are still left over from Crufts, which you can read all about in our post Crufts 2017.

Join us next month to find out what else we have taste testing for you.

Emma & Hendrix


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