Emma Bearman Photography

DSC_2316-11Last weekend we spent the day with the talented Emma Bearman and her adorable companion Alfie.

That name sounds familiar I hear you say?!

Well that is because you have probably heard of Emma & Alfie through their blog Alfiebear. And if you haven’t then quite frankly, what are you playing at, go and take a look!

I have admired Emma’s photography for a while so when I saw that she was doing photoshoot days at various locations, one of which was Nottingham, I jumped at the chance to meet her. I was even more thrilled to find out she was bringing Alfie.

You may be thinking why would I pay someone else to photograph my dog when I do that myself?!

I will admit, my main motivation behind this was to learn from Emma, like I said I have admired her work and wanted to get the whole experience from a customers point of view so I know what I need to be offering when I decide to take my photography to the next level.DSC_2417-11

The shoot was so relaxed and Emma really took the time to work with Hendrix and get the best out of him. With Hendrix, he isn’t a good ‘sit and pose’ dog, he likes to explore and you just have to catch him mid action. Emma was really patient considering Hendrix chose to ignore her at all times and just respond to us! This doesn’t help when trying to get him to look at the camera!


As you can see the photos are fantastic and I would recommend Emma to anyone looking to capture some professional photos of their dog. Keep an eye on her social media pages for more shoot days or contact her for a personal shoot.

We had a great day, and so did Hendrix. The only downside is we didn’t manage to get a photo with Alfie but that just means we will have to go and hang out with them again!


I am so pleased with the images, we received 30 in total so these are just a selection of my favourites.

Thank you so much to Emma & Alfie, we hope we can meet up again sometime,

Emma & Hendrix

All images taken by Emma Bearman Photography.

Website: https://www.emmabearmanphotography.com/

Facebook: @emmabearmanphotography

Instagram: emmabearmanphotography

Hendrix is wearing a collar by Paws & Hounds


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