Nottingham’s Country Parks

I am very fortunate that living in Nottingham provides us with so many fun places to take Hendrix out for long walk, all right on our doorstep. This post looks at some of the Country Parks we have visited on our days out.

Broxtowe Country Park

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About 5 minutes away from our house is Broxtowe Country Park and every day since getting Hendrix, we have gone there at least once a day. We love it. It has the perfect mixture of open grassland to play on and woodland to explore. The place is full of wildlife which makes it the perfect place to get lost in your thoughts whilst listening to the sounds of birds singing.

During the winter the field gets pretty waterlogged which means there are plenty of puddles to play in, but don’t forget to bring your wellies!

Natures paddling pool

During the summer they let the grass grow long and the wildflowers bloom, which is great for the dogs to frolic in. For these reasons the park is pretty quiet in terms of kids and families so it is very popular with dog walkers.

Hendrix and I have made a lot of friends on this park, most of which we meet up with every morning. It is great to see the dogs all playing together with enough space to run freely. If you are in the area I would highly recommend a visit, we don’t bite!BCP playtime

You can find out more about Broxtowe Country Park here, or like their Facebook Page.

Bestwood Country Park

A dog walking friend of ours suggested we give Bestwood Country Park a try for a change of scenery. As we are always on the lookout for something new we decided to give it a try.

Again, this park is a good mix of woodland trails and open spaces. As we didn’t know the place just yet we kept Hendrix on the lead to start with. It was a good job we did as we very quickly came face to face with the biggest horse (and rider) I have ever seen! It was so beautiful, however Hendrix was not sure about it at all and the rider was laughing at him as he cowered behind me! There is a stables and riding school nearby so there are quite a few horses around so just be wary if letting your dog roam free.

Eventually we found a big open field which offers stunning views across Nottingham. We took time out to play a bit of fetch (well try to, Hendrix isn’t the best at it!)  and let Hendrix blow off some steam.SONY DSC_DSC3686.JPG

We did manage to find a quiet part of the woods to let Hendrix wander freely. We even found a little den!

There is loads more to see and do at Bestwood so we will definately be going back to explore further. You can read more about Bestwood Country Park here, or give their Facebook page a like.

Shipley Country Park

Now technically Shipley Country park is in Derbyshire, not Nottingham, but as it is still a short car ride away I vote it still counts. We spotted the signs for Shipley on the way to viewing the new house so decided to give it a try as hopefully it might be our new local country park! Unfortunately we were in a bit of a rush that day so didn’t get to spend as much time exploring as I would have liked. This just means we will have to go back for another look. That’s a shame isn’t it! {history leaflet page 2}

With 700 acres to explore we were never going to get around it all in one trip but it does mean that every visit can be different. For this trip Hendrix spent most of his time on his lead but we are hoping next time we visit that we can find more places for him to play off lead.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

Hendrix seemed quite interested in the reservoir so next time we are hoping to find him some water he can investigate off lead, I want to see if he is brave enough to swim!


Find out more about Shipley Country Park here, or on their Facebook Page.

This is only the beginning of our tour around Nottingham’s Country Parks, and we will continue to keep sharing them with you. If you are ever in the Nottingham area and visit any of these parks, we would love to hear your stories.

We also welcome any recommendations of places to visit next!

Happy exploring,

Emma & Hendrix


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