Crufts 2017

I have a confession to make, up until this year I was a Crufts virgin!

Phew I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

I have always watched it on TV and always thought it would be a great thing to experience in person. And I was not wrong!

I had the Sunday off work which conveniently was the same day as the Working and Pastoral groups which are my favourite. To be honest we didn’t spend too much time watching the judging, we got far to carried way with the shopping! I was like a kid in a candy store! With 5 halls full of stalls to see and more doggie businesses than I ever knew existed, I was flitting around like a hummingbird. I got told off by my boyfriend numerous times for just running off like a child and not following a logical route around the stalls. 

I had seen blog posts on the lead up to Crufts of people putting together their wishlists and didn’t fully understand why they would wait until Crufts to buy the products they wanted. Obviously I had heard about the show offers but I was expecting only a few quid off the usual price. I could not have been more wrong! I now fully understand why people plan out their shopping well in advance, the deals were incredible! A lot of the stands I purchased from were companies I had tried before so knew what the usual pricing was and I was blown away by the discounts.

So, I hear you all ask, what did we buy?



We love Harringtons because it was the only food that we managed to settle Hendrix on when we first got him. Also they originate from the glorious county of Yorkshire like me! All of their food is made without added wheat, sugar or anything artificial. We got a great deal on a mixed bag of goodies, of which the nice man made up especially for us so as not to include any products containing rice. This included 2 400g tubs of wet food (Turkey with potato & veg and chicken with potato & veg) and 3 bags of treats (Salmon rolls and Grain Free). You can find out more about Harringtons on their website.

Lily’s Kitchen

We have followed this brand for a while now via social media but apart from their Rise & Shine liver treats we have never tried their food. The staff on the stall were super helpful and made sure that we got the right food for Hendrix (both his size, energy and disagreements with grain.). We went for their starter bundle which included a 1kg bag of dry food, 2 tins and a snack bar. Trying to choose which flavours to get proved difficult and in the end I left the stand hungry as they all sounded so good. We settled on Venison & Duck biscuits, Surf & Turf and their newest flavour Great British Breakfast in tins and the Eat your Greens snack bar which includes Apples,Kale, Spirulina, Wheatgrass and Mint.

Sea Treats

We have tried Sea Treats before and Hendrix loves them. You can read more about them in our review on the blog here. I was so happy to see them at Crufts and even happier when I saw the deals they had. We couldn’t resist a big bag of their Whitefish Jerky.


This stand caught my eye because of the big banner asking “Do you have an itchy dog?”. As a matter of fact I do! You might have read our blog post last summer of our ongoing battle with Hendrix’s itchy face. If not you can read it hereWe are barely into spring and this problem is already starting up again. We had a long chat with the very helpful lady explaining that we needed a quick and simple solution for cleaning Hendrix’s face after walks. She recommended we try their Foam Hand Rub which would be gentle enough for his face and has no harsh chemicals for if he licked it off. It comes in a handy bottle with a pump so it is simple to just squirt in my hands and rub on his face. It also leaves my hands feeling soft and clean which is an added bonus!


I have tried Hownd shampoo before on Hendrix and loved it. He didn’t because he hates baths! I’ll admit I laughed when I read that their products help to reduce shedding as I believed nothing could reduce husky shedding! At the moment I stand corrected as this seasons shedding does not seem as bad as I remember it this time last year. As I mentioned earlier Hendrix hates the bath. He is a very clean dog and gets very upset with himself if he comes home from the park wet and dirty (not that it stops him playing in puddles when he is out!) but he will not allow me to brush or bath him. One of his favourite things to do is roll around in the grass which often leaves him smelling like a field (touch wood he has never rolled in poo). So as I am not allowed to bath him to make him smell nicer, I opted for a body mist. After much deliberation on which scent to get I went with Yup You Stink! which smells of Eucalyptus and Cedarwood. The spray refreshes, hydrates, moisturises and strengthens fur. It reduces shedding and helps detangle. It is PH balances with a long lasting fragrance. Hopefully no more stinky dog for me!

Nutriment Raw

Hendrix is fed a mixture of raw meat and biscuits so we took a look at Nutriment to see what products they had on offer. We got a great deal on some new raw meat for him to try. We tried it for the first time last night, we tried the salmon, and it barely had time to touch the sides of the bowl! It is made with 85% fresh fish, meat and bone, the rest is made up with vegetables, vitamins and mineral. You can find the full list of ingredients on their website. Along with the salmon we bought Duck, Chicken and their Enhanced option. We purchased some turkey necks for Hendrix to try to as he doesn’t tend to get things on the bone very often as I am always frightened of splinters! The worst part was getting it all back to the car!

We also came away with plenty of leaflets and testers for different products.

After all that shopping I needed a sit down and a coffee but then I was ready to see some dogs! We headed over to ring 25 which is where the huskies were competing for Best of Breed. I was in husky heaven surrounded by so many beautiful dogs. We came to the conclusion that Hendrix would never make a good show dog, he doesn’t have the tiny waist for it! They were all so slim and slender whereas Hendrix looks very chunky in comparison. Although the vets tell me he is the perfect weight so I don’t need to be putting him on a diet just yet. 

By 3.30 we were knackered and ready for home. There was plenty more to see and do but we were happy with our purchases and needed to get them home to Hendrix. I am officially hooked on Crufts now and will be sure to visit again next year.

And who knows, next year might be the year where a sled dog finally wins Best in Show!

Paws crossed!

Emma & Hendrix




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