Dream House Wishlist

images-for-row-of-houses-clipart-ehoveq-clipartMoving house is always a stressful time, even more so when you have a dog. When taking that leap from renting to owning your own home there are so many things to consider to make sure you make the right choice. When moving with a dog you have to consider their needs just as much as your own, if not more! Yes that beautiful cream carpet looks lovely now but will it look as great with muddy paw prints on it?? Having dogs is a lot like having kids, you have to put their needs first over your own. Cosmetic things like carpets can be changed, but that depends if you have the money to do so, in an ideal world you would find that dream house that ticks all the boxes first time.

Recently we have spent a lot of time looking at houses and different areas and developed a list of what we need. So here it is:

A nice quiet neighbourhood

This one is vitally important, especially for over protective dog parents like myself. If I have to go to work and leave Hendrix home alone, I want to know he is safe. Everyone has done that thing where they imagine the worst case scenarios of “what happens if we get burgled or there’s a fire”. I don’t know why we put ourselves through that torment but it is always a worry when leaving your dog unattended. What I want is a nice area with a community feel where I know if anything suspicious were to happen, someone would be watching out and there to help.

Places to walk the dog

Our neighbourhood at the moment has it faults, but the best thing about it is we are 5 minutes away from a country park. This has been great for exercising Hendrix and we have made a lot of friends meeting other dog walkers. It will be a shame to give this up however I am hoping our new location will provide something similar. We are hoping to move further out of town so we can get closer to the countryside and have plenty of wide open spaces for adventures.

Lots of space

This applies to both inside and outside. Obviously we want a fairly big garden as Hendrix is a fairly big dog. Preferably with a good mix of grass and patio for playing and relaxing. I am also looking for a lot of inside space as Hendrix has managed to take over the whole house. I’m not sure if anyone else’s dog does this but Hendrix has an impressive talent to be in the way at all times. You turn around and he is right there! You want to get through that door, dog in the way! We have actually nicknamed him Roadblock for this exact reason as he tends not to want to move either. So I am thinking open plan living all the way! That way I might stand a chance of moving around the house without tripping over a husky 20 times.

I mentioned it earlier, but somewhere quiet

We currently live in a rather noisy neighbourhood and I believe it is having a negative affect on Hendrix (and occasionally my sleep). Between people tearing up and down on motorbikes, kids shouting and screaming and neighbours having very loud parties Hendrix is becoming more and more jumpy and nervous of noises. We had a lot of issues with fireworks around bonfire night, they were going off for weeks either side at all times of the day. Because of all of this we cannot take Hendrix out when it is dark because the slightest thing can freak him out and last time it took me 40 minutes to get him home! I am hoping that a quieter neighbourhood will give him the chance to get his confidence back.

Now I don’t think that is asking for too much, right?!?

I would love to hear any tips or advice any of you have for choosing the right house or ways to minimise stress for both me and Hendrix (mainly me!). I could not be more excited by the thought of having our own place, however the thought of all the packing, and moving, and unpacking makes me want to run and hide until it is all over!

Wish us luck,

Emma & Hendrix  Image result for house isnt a home without a husky


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