Ruffles Christmas Card Project

In November of last year I started volunteering at a doggie daycare centre that opened up in Nottingham city centre. I had mentioned to them in my application that I do photography so when we got chatting they told to me that they wanted to create some custom Christmas cards for their customers. I eagerly offered to help so the next time I went along I took my camera with me. Although I had great fun, there was also many challenges that came with trying to capture a nice photo of a dog whilst it is in the middle of a play session with about 10 other dogs! Not to mention the lighting wasn’t great either! With a lot of time, patience and playing around with camera settings I eventually managed to get some nice photos of the dogs.

Here are a few of my favourites:


Once I had all of the images that I needed (some of which were borrowed from Facebook as I ran out of time to photograph them all myself) it was time to turn them into cards.

Using Photoshop I was able to edit the images and add decorations in order to make the cards.


In total I made about 30 cards for Ruffles and they loved them. I just hope the owners did too!

Next year I will be a lot better prepared and will start this project in September. To say it was a bit hectic was an understatement but I am happy that I did it and I am pleased with the results.

What I did learn from this project is that Hendrix makes a rubbish photographers assistant, he likes to stand in the way of your shot! We might have to do some training on that!

All the best,

Emma & Hendrix




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