New Year, New Start

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Now I know I am a little late with this post, but Happy New Year to you all!

Unfortunately due to a very hectic work schedule over the last few months I have neglected the blog a bit. What upsets me the most about this is that we missed out on sharing all the fun of Christmas with you. However now that we have started a new year, it is time for a new start!

My New Years resolutions are as follows:

  • Go on more adventures
  • Take more photographs
  • Blog more!


Next week, well in 4 days to be precise, I go on holiday to Gran Canaria. Sadly this is not a trip that Hendrix will be joining us on, he will be staying with my friend and her husky so I am sure he will have a great time! So armed with my camera and my sense of adventure, I will be on a mission to capture some great images, which I will of course share with you all when I get back!

I do aim to go on as many mini adventures with Hendrix as we can squeeze in this year. I have read so much from fellow bloggers about their stays in dog friendly hotels and cottages and I cannot wait to try it.

If you are looking for some inspiration and reviews I suggest you have a read of Alfie Bear‘s blog. That dog has a more active social life then I do!


I love taking photos! It is true that a picture can say a thousand words so this year I am trying to take my photography more seriously. To help with this Santa brought me a new lens and some photography books for Christmas. On top of that, I have also enrolled in an online course which starts tonight, so wish me luck!

Back in December I did a project with Ruffles Daycare in Nottingham to photograph all of their dogs to make Christmas cards. Now I will admit I went in a bit cocky thinking that I could come away with some great images. What I soon realised is that not all dogs will sit and pose as nicely as Hendrix and after my first day I came home with an SD card full of blurry images of dogs. Although this was disappointing, it did not dampen my spirits, it just gave me a reality check. It showed me that I had a long way to go before I could call myself a photographer and I had a lot of learning still to do. I am taking this motivation into 2017 and aim to learn as much as I can and keep taking photos until I get it right!


My star model Winnie

The Blog

I admit that the lack of posts throughout December is my own fault. As much as I can blame work for the long hours and lack of time off, if I had really wanted to I could have found time to blog! My bad organisation and lack of motivation was really to blame for our absence. And for this I am sorry. This year I aim to be more organised, pre-plan posts, set up schedules and aim for at least one post a week. If I have nothing to write about, I will go out and find something! I am already trying to keep an eye out for local events we can attend such as Bark for Life which we did last year (read about it here). I am also looking to meet more people and try to do more collaborations. I have so many ideas I just need to keep myself focused and keep on track.

We hope you are keeping up with your resolutions,

All the best,

Emma & Hendrix



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