#MakeADifferenceMonday -Easyfundraising

If you are anything like me then you dread the idea of trawling around shops looking for gift ideas and would much rather sit at home with a cup of tea and order everything offline. If this does sound like you then how would you like to help out a charity at the same time? 

Recently I found out about a site called Easyfundraising which allows you to raise money for your chosen charity while you shop online. The best bit is, it doesn’t cost you a penny (apart from your shopping but you would buy that anyway). How does it work then, I hear you all asking? Money is raised via an affiliate scheme with big online companies who will pay a percentage of your shopping in return for traffic driven to their site. For example, I recently spent £30 at Argos and raised 30p for charity. Now it is not a lot, but it all adds up and considering it costs us nothing extra then every little helps.

Shops included are: Argos, Amazon, Etsy, Not on the Highstreet, M&S, John Lewis, Apple, Currys, River Island, Toys R Us and many more. You can also raise money whilst shopping for a holiday, insurance or hotels.

I am raising money for my favourite rescue, 8 Below Husky Rescue, but there is a whole range of charities and causes you can choose to help. If you own a cause you could even register in order to receive donations! 

To make it easy to raise as much money as possible, they also offer a helpful donation reminder (which can only be downloaded onto a laptop or mac) which will remind you to activate donations when on an eligible site.

So this festive season, and all year round, I encourage you to sign up and start doing your bit for charity. After all, you won’t feel as guilty about all that retail therapy if someone else is benefiting from it too.

You can sign up and read more at www.easyfundraising.org.uk

Happy shopping,

Emma & Hendrix 🐾


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