Adventure Time – Lathkill Dale

For our latest adventure we jumped in the car and drove to the Peak District heading for Lathkill Dale which is about 3 miles outside of Bakewell. We parked in a lovely little village called Over Haddon and set off down a steep hill  towards the river. For this walk Hendrix had to stay on lead as it was a nature reserve and then there was a lot of farmland with sheep and cows around and I didn’t want to find out what would happen if he ran up to a cow! We followed the river from Over Haddon but got to a point where we couldn’t follow it any further, we ended up following a public bridleway across a field full of sheep. I won’t lie there was a 10 minute wait when we discussed if we actually wanted to attempt to walk Hendrix through a field of 100’s of sheep. We decided to have faith in him and even though he did worry a few sheep as he was bouncing excitedly through the field it went without any issues. At the other side we exited via a farm onto a lane which lead down to Alport. From there we were able to follow the river back up to Over Haddon.

I took my camera out with me and here are a few of the photos I got:


On the way back to the car, up the very steep hill which seemed a lot easier to go down then up (even Hendrix was struggling), we spotted a little tea room with a chalkboard outside advertising it was dog friendly. After that hill, a cup of tea was definitely needed so we stopped off. As we went in we spotted a couple sat on the patio with their 2 labradors. We did our best to calm an excitable Hendrix who wanted to go and introduce himself and just as we got him calm and rounded the corner we were faced with 5 (yes 5) Scottish Terriers who lived at the house. We took a seat and extended Hendrix lead so he could go and introduce himself to everyone, I think he got slightly overwhelmed by the army of Scotties but he soon settled down. We ordered a pot of tea and a slice of homemade Bakewell tart (well you just have to when so close to Bakewell don’t you). Not only was the tea for 2 huge but the slice of Bakewell tart was about a quarter of a cake! Hendrix even got some doggie biscuits. I would highly recommend The Garden Teas and Cakes for anyone in the area, it was great value for money and the view from the balcony was lovely. I could have easily sat there all day!


We had a great day out and will definitely return to discover more of Lathkill Dale and enjoy another cup of tea with that incredible view.

Happy adventuring,

Emma & Hendrix

paw prints


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  1. Dee Skies xx says:

    Wow. That place looks absolutely amazing. Hendrix is a lucky and lovely dog to be taken on such fab days out and for behaving so impeccably with all his new experiences. You make a lovely family unit. Heres to you enjoying many more adventures. Thanks too for sharing them. 😙

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