Happy 2nd Birthday Hendrix

October 2nd marked Hendrix’s 2nd Birthday and as you can expect he was very spoilt. Naturally as it was a Sunday we started the day with a lie in followed by a husky play date with his best friend Nymeria. My friend Sarah brought out her tennis ball launcher to play with, which just confirmed to me that my dog is weird and cannot play fetch. Nymeria loved it though so Hendrix just chased her around a bit and then stole the ball to spoil all the fun.


After playtime it was present time. Now recently Hendrix has seemed very fond of squeaky balls that his little staffie friend Peanut brings onto the park. As I said earlier, Hendrix 14647188_10154519306542295_550408295_oisn’t a ba14618780_10154519306482295_1086501154_oll obsessed dog and doesn’t understand fetch, which is why we tend to buy him soft toys or tuggers. He does love a squeaker though! I found a little basketball which squeaks and after inspecting how durable it looked, bought him that. What I did not do was test the squeaker. Oh my days it is so loud! I hid the ball along with some treats and a new bone in a cardboard box filled with tissue paper. One of Hendrix favourite pastimes is ripping up cardboard and spitting it all over my floor so I thought this would add some extra fun to his present. It did not take him long at all to find the ball and everything else was ignored whilst he squeaked away on this ball (honestly it sounds like a small animal dying). Within 15 minutes I had a headache and my neighbours probably hated me but he loved it so much I didn’t have the heart to take it off him. So I suffered with the racket until I could distract him with his (quiet) bone.14646826_10154519306317295_1419647773_o

His main present was a bespoke handmade blanket from Hotchpotch Crafts which arrived the day before. There will be a seperate blog post all about this so for now I will just show you this photo of Hendrix’s happy face when he gets post and you will have to read the blog to see the finished blanket (I’m a tease I know).

So that’s the presents, now for the food! Sarah was kind enough to buy him some Liver Brownies and Whimzees hedgehogs from the pet shop. The brownies looked so good until I opened the bag and then was instantly put off by the smell. Hendrix was not put off by this at all and thought they smelt amazing. Later that night Nymeria and Sarah came over and I baked a cake. Stupidly I had used up the remaining eggs that morning making Hendrix scrambled egg. I spent a while looking for eggless cakes and read somewhere that eggs could be replaced by natural yoghurt. I found a recipe I like the sound of and tailored it to suit what ingredients I had.

The basic recipe is as follows:

1 sweet potato (mashed)

250-300g of raw chicken from Natures Menu

2/3 cup of yoghurt

1/3 cup wholemeal flour

1/4 cup of oats

They are rough measurements because I am pretty bad at weighing things and was just adding more oats if I thought the mixture was still too wet. Mix everything together, put mixture into a baking tin and throw into the oven for 60 minutes, simple as that. I was a bit worried that the mixture was too wet and would have a soggy bottom but I was pleasantly surprised at how solid the finished cake was. I could easily cut it into wedges to feed to the dogs. I used peanut butter and some of Hendrix’s dry food for the decoration. And because the cake was made with his raw meat and potato he was able to have cake for tea.

Perfect end to a perfect day,

Emma & Hendrix

paw prints


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