Strelley and Wollaton Park

Me and my friend Sarah was talking the other day that we wanted to take the pups out on an adventure. Sarah owns Nymeria, a female husky the same age as Hendrix. They get on great so we said we wanted to get them out and about more. Now the problem is neither me or Sarah drive, she is learning but I rely on Dan for car journeys. The downside is he travels away with work a lot so that just leaves me and Hendrix with a lot of spare time and nowhere to go. Me and Sarah came up with this crazy idea of trying the dogs out on a bus. Nottingham City Transport have a dog roamer for just £1 which allows them unlimited travel for the day. We went into this little experiment a little apprehensive that neither dogs would settle and cause chaos on the bus. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Both dogs happily sat at the back of the bus, and everyone seemed to love them. For our first trip we only went a few stops just to test the water. Then as a treat we took the dogs for a long walk in Strelley village, a lovely little country village on the outskirts of Nottingham.

On the way back we stopped off at the pub so we could all have a drink. The Broad Oak is a lovely dog friendly pub with plenty of outside seating, even though dogs are allowed inside too but it was warm enough to sit out.

We then braved the bus again, hoping that our first trip wasn’t just pure luck that the dogs behaved. Once again they were on their best behavior for the 15-20 minute ride to Wollaton Park.


Once we got to the park we had a lovely walk around (and caught some pokemon). Unfortunately for the dogs, Wollaton Park is home to a lot of deer and also gets a lot of visitors so it doesn’t leave much room for off lead playtime. Both dogs walked well on their leads and even got to have a little dip in the lake. We did find one spot for the dogs to blow off some steam and have a run around just before we left.

On the bus journey home both dogs received a lot of attention from 2 kids who said they were “their favouritest dogs ever”. As much as I thought this would be a test for them to remain calm they were both too tired to react and just wanted to sleep.

I could not be more proud of the pair of them for how they behaved. 2 very proud husky mums.

If you want to see more photos of our adventures, follow both Hendrix and Nymeria on Instagram.

Here’s to more husky adventures in the future,

Emma & Hendrix

paw prints



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Aw what a lovely adventure for you guys, so proud that they were so good even on their first time on the bus – what an awesome achievement! They looked like they had a total blast 🙂

    1. happyhuskyuk says:

      Thank you. They seemed to enjoy themselves.

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