Olive’s Larder

First of all I would like to apologise for me and Hendrix been a little quiet on the blog for the last few weeks. There will be a blog post to follow which will explain everything.

But for now on to the fun stuff…


Last month it was Hendrix’s first “Gotcha Day” so I thought I would treat him to a new collar. I had seen the beautiful rope collars by Olive’s Larder on Twitter and was just looking for an excuse to buy one.

Olive’s Larder are based in Southampton and run by Kate and her family (not forgetting the lovely Olive, the inspiration behind the company). I sent them a message asking if I could have one of their collars made in husky size and Kate was super helpful. We discussed what colour and size I wanted and before I knew it my order was placed, it was that easy. I decided to order some of their treats too as they sounded too nice to pass up and Hendrix’s treat cupboard was looking a bit bare.

Our treats arrived first. We had ordered the Duck & Sweet Potato and the Carrot, Courgette & Mint. Both treats are wheat and gluten free and made with all natural ingredients which is what we look for when ordering treats. Only the best for our Hendrix! (he can be a bit of a treat snob these days). Not long after our collar arrived too, we were told it could take up to 4 weeks as it is custom made but it seemed faster than that.

Confession time… I got a bit excited and put it on straight away before photographing it and Hendrix decided to stick his face in a muddy puddle which slightly discoloured the white bits for our shoot, plus it now has added husky hair but still looks  beautiful. 

What I realised is that it is very difficult to show off a new collar on such a fluffy husky. His fur consumes everything! What I can say is that of anyone is thinking of purchasing one of these collars (or any other product) I would highly recommend it. They are very well made and durable (from what I can see so far and Hendrix has put it through its paces already). Hendrix seems to find it very comfy, we were able to order it big enough to fit him without it squashing his fur too much and causing discomfort. We used to take his old collar off in the house for him but we haven’t needed to with this one.


As for the treats, he loved them! Both flavours were gobbled up with no hesitation. I have had to start taking them out on our walks as he kept spitting his training treats out as they wasn’t good enough anymore (what did I tell you, treat snob!)

Both treats and collar are really reasonably priced, we got the collar for £15 and 2 packs of treats for £2.50 each (even though we got sent 3, thanks Kate).

I will definitely be returning for more treats, and who knows even another collar, there are plenty of colours to choose from.

If you want to check out their stock and place yourself an order you can go to their website, Facebook or Twitter.

What are you waiting for?

Happy shopping,

Emma & Hendrix

paw prints


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Belated Happy Gotcha day Hendrix! Those treats look fab and the collar is gorgeous 😀 I might have a look for Bonnie’s gotcha day as those prices are great too!

    1. happyhuskyuk says:

      They are really great value. Bonnie would look great in one, plenty of colours to choose from too

      1. Laura says:

        Yea I think our dogs that have flufflier coats the rope collars sit better on their fur rather than flat collars. It would definitely have to be shades of pink to match all her other accessories xD

      2. happyhuskyuk says:

        They definitely have pink! And I agree they seem comfier for fluffier dogs.

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