13939965_10154193888181999_1202497882_oThis weekend me, Dan and my friends decided to take a trip over to Matlock. Now of course I couldn’t go out and have an adventure without Hendrix so he tagged along. Usually when we take him out for day trips we try to pick somewhere quiet so we can adventure without him having to introduce himself to every person he sees (as not everyone wants to say hi). Being a sunny Saturday during the school holidays, Matlock was pretty busy, but much to my surprise, Hendrix was on his best behaviour and coped with everything great.

Because of this he was even allowed to venture off lead at times but came straight back when it was time to go back on lead. We ventured up the hill to High Tor which gave great views across Matlock. As it was such a hot day we didn’t walk too far up hill as hill + heat = tired huskies and humans.

We had a lovely day out with no drama and to top it all off, finished up with a picnic in the park of fish and chips from the chippy. Don’t worry we did leave Hendrix out, he got a sausage and the odd bit of fish and a few chips.

Matlock was so beautiful and picturesque There were plenty of little shops and boutiques that I would have loved to explore, but feel there may have been tantrums if I had left a certain pooch to take a look.

We will definitely go back to explore further.




13918814_10154329140007295_622037431_o13932257_10154329139187295_190812268_oWe hope you all had fun this weekend too

Howls & licks,

Emma & Hendrix

paw prints


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  1. Laura says:

    Gorgeous photos! I’m so pleased for you that Hendrix took it in his stride! It’s always lovely when our dogs surprise us like that 🙂

    1. happyhuskyuk says:

      Thank you. I was so proud of him. It means we can go on more day trips and he doesn’t have to be left out 🙂

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