Barks & Bijoux ID Tag

After our little adventure in Black Rocks near Matlock (read our post about it here) we noticed that Hendrix had managed to lose his ID tags during all the fun and frolics. Now you think I would be mildly annoyed about this but in reality I was happy as it gave me an excuse to buy some new shiny ones. I first came across Barks & Bijoux on Twitter and loved their items. Based in Manchester they design wonderful bespoke items for both human and hound. And with their adorable French Bulldog, Mabel as their model and muse, how could you possibly say no to buying from them!

I was straight on their website as soon as we noticed the tags were missing and finally settled on a the “Hello I am..” aluminium tag. Now the great thing about buying tags from here is that you have the option to customise them. This means that you get a truly unique tag to fit the personality of your dog. Each one is also hand stamped so even if you did customise the same as someone else, it would still be unique.

It took just over a week to arrive, which considering it is hand made is still very good. When it did arrive it looked fantastic! I was so happy with the quality and look of the finished piece. Even the packaging had a high level of thought and detail put into it (Hendrix particularly liked the free doggie biscuits Mabel sent him) .



Mabel and the Barks & Bijoux team are also nice enough to offer you 10% off your first order. So what are you waiting for, go take a look!

Happy Shopping,

Emma & Hendrix

paw prints


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Those tags are lovely, beautiful packaging too – sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest impression 🙂

    1. happyhuskyuk says:

      I agree, they are such a lovely little company and I like to support independent shops as opposed to the big brands.

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