Review: Wellybix

I have come to the conclusion that Hendrix gets more post than me these days! His latest parcel came all the way from rural Teesside from Alison and Welly from Wellybix. I was ambushed the second I brought it through the door so he must have know it was for him.

After wrestling it back off Hendrix I was finally able to open the box (before Hendrix destroyed it completely!). One of the first things I noticed was the thought and detail that goes into the packaging, let alone the treats. The box itself had a beautifully branded sticker on it so I instantly knew who it was from. Then inside the packets of treats were wrapped in some lovely paw print paper with a cute Wellybix sticker to hold it in place. It was like receiving a present, not just a parcel.

wellybix5This attention to detail also applies to the branding of the packaging. It is a simple yet brilliant design which I have to admit, I nerded out a little bit about. As a student of design I often get excited about the most random of things and the method used to seal the treats up was one of them. It is a simple bag design which can be rolled down and clamped shut with a twist tie. This resealable method helps keeps the treats fresh and crunchy.

Now on to the treats themselves. We were sent some of the Chicken & Thyme and Peanut Butter with Spelt flour to try. All of the Wellybix treats are hand made with natural ingredients (which are all listed on the packet) so you know there is nothing nasty in there to upset your pup.

Now Hendrix loves peanut butter, as do most dogs, so we had to try that one first. As usual when presented with something new and yummy to try, Hendrix can barely sit still due to his waggy tail and eagerness.

As I expected the peanut butter treat was wolfed down in seconds. I sometimes wonder if he even gets to taste them as he eats them so fast! Just to check, we tried another one which was just as eagerly crunched and munched.

The chicken treats went down just as well. Once finished I was presented with those puppy dog eyes (and given a paw) in the hope of another one. I had to put them away in the cupboard as he would have happily sat and eaten both bags if I let him.

Where can I get some I hear you say? Well you can either order offline at their website or there is a whole range of stockist you can buy them from. Again you can find all of this info on the website or blog. There is also a whole range of flavours to try….i think we might go for lamb & rosemary next……or maybe apple with mint.

They cost just £3.25 for a packet of 110g (works out about 12 biscuits) which considering the fresh ingredients used (including herbs straight from the garden) it is completely worthwhile for the knowledge that your pooch is getting only the good stuff. I love independent companies like this and cannot support them enough. I believe we should be more aware of what we are feeding our dogs and their health is just as important as ours. Yes you may be able to go to a pet shop and buy 5 times the amount of treats for less money but they could be full of additives and fillers that might not be good for your dog. If you ask me, the more natural the better!

So what are you waiting for….go buy some, your pooch will love you for it!

Happy Husky approved 5 out of 5!

Emma & Hendrix

paw prints



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  1. alison says:

    Thank you Emma and Hendrix for such a lovely review….. so glad you enjoyed them….. Alison and Welly
    Woof Woof xx

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