Bark for Life Nottingham

Bark For Life - Rushcliffe Country Park

Last weekend me and Hendrix were feeling charitable so took part in Bark for Life at Rushcliffe Country Park. The whole event was organised by Heidi and Bella Bidmead to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Last year the event brought together around 100 dogs, this year however, 270 dogs stepped up to do their bit for charity!

Bark for lifeWhen we arrived we made our way to the registration tent and got signed in. Hendrix was presented with his bandana, which just made him look even more handsome in my opinion (I’m biased I know but look at him!). Even in the queue to sign in, Hendrix was posing for the photographer, he knows he is handsome and likes to show it off at any given opportunity!

There was a huge range of dogs attending, from the smallest chihuahua to the biggest fluffiest Malamute. One things I love about dogs is they don’t care about size, breed or colour, they are happy to make friends with everyone and come together for a good cause.

The day turned out to be a lot nicer than the weather bark for life 6originally predicted. The sun was shining so armed with lots of water, we set off on what I thought would be a leisurely walk. No chance of leisurely when you are attached to a very competitive Husky! Hendrix is quite impatient so didn’t like walking behind people so managed to weave his way through everyone until he thought we were at the front. And by front I mean we were even in front of the volunteers who were leading the way. Only then did he relax and start to enjoy himself. Just as we were approaching the 5K mark we were informed that we were in 5th place, I don’t think 5th out of 270 is bad going really. Once we reached the starting tent which marked the halfway point we stopped for a drink and a rest to watch the rest of the dogs come in. We received a goodie bag including a tennis ball, some treats and a certificate.

A lot of people chose the 5K option so headed off to the dog show. We had said we were going for the full 10K so set off for another lap around the park. Both the heat and the lack of competition meant that Hendrix could relax a little and take the second lap at more of a stroll, not a power walk!

bark for life 3
Photo finish

Once we were done we also headed over to check out the Fun Dog Show. I couldn’t resist signing Hendrix up to some of the categories. We went for Adorable Adult, Best Rescue, Loveable Rogue and Most Handsome. Unfortunately it wasn’t Hendrix’s day and we came away empty pawed from all catagories. We did receive a lovely Cancer Research T shirt in the Most Charitable Dog category for raising over £50.

bark for life 4
Hendrix made a friend while being a Loveable Rogue

We headed home after our last dog show entry as Hendrix was getting a bit restless and had tried to play with the Malamute stood next to us in the ring. It was safe to say that neither dog won Most Handsome as when the judge came around to view they had each other in a bear hug!bark for life2

By the end of the day we had managed to raise £90 and in total the event raised £8305. It was a fantastic day out and well done to everyone who took part and to the organisers for making it happen. We cannot wait for next years where there will hopefully be even more dogs and we can raise even more money.


                                         Emma & Hendrix



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