Review: Lupin Loves Treats

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Last weekend me and Hendrix visited the All About Dogs show in Newark and as I mentioned in my last post Hendrix made friends with the lady (and Lupin of course) from the Lupin Loves stall. She let him taste test all of her treats and in return was showered with husky kisses. We wasn’t allowed to leave until Hendrix has chosen his favourites and we had bought some to bring home with us.

lupin loves4Now as we live in England, and this means that nearly every bank holiday weekend is grey and rainy, I thought it was the perfect time to crack open the treats and let Hendrix give them a proper review.

Out of the 5 choices of treats on offer, Hendrix seemed particularly fond of the Turkey and Cranberry bones and the Sunday Lunch biscuits. Now I got them on an event offer for £2.50 each, however on the website they are £3 for 150g. You can also purchase taster packs (50g) or big packs (300g).

They come in very eco friendly paper packaging with cute little “Lupin Loves” labels. They include all the ingredients on the bag, which are simple and healthy for your dog, no hidden additives! The only thing I did notice is that there was no best before date or indication of how long the treats will keep for (not that I feel they will last long with this hungry husky). The bags are also resealable, which I love, and will help to keep them fresh.

As soon as you open the bag of Sunday Lunch biscuits you get a whiff of broccoli. I have to admit they smell amazing, I was almost tempted to try one myself. Hendrix went mad for them as soon as I got one out of the packet. Now I tried to get you all some nice photos of him waiting for his treat however he couldn’t sit still long enough and tried to steal it out of my hand. This is the best I got…

lupin loves 5
Gimme it!

….It was gone a second later!

Hopefully with time and practice he will get a little more photogenic! He could do with taking some tips from Lupin himself who has the adorable “getting a treat” photo almost down to perfection, check him out on Instagram.

Now the Sunday Lunch biscuit contains chicken, broccolli and carrot (with eggs and flour) and like all of Lupin Loves treats can be bought as gluten free. Hendrix gave this a 10/10, I think he has a new favourite treat for every day of the week, not just Sundays.

lupin loves6
Nom Nom Nom

The Turkey and Cranberry bones took Hendrix a bit longer to eat (still didn’t last long!) and come in 2 different sizes. They could easily be broken in half to use as training treats which would make them last longer too. As turkey is a good source of protein and cranberries are full of antioxidants you don’t have to feel guilty about giving your dogs these healthy, low fat treats. And they certainly won’t feel guilty about eating them all! Hendrix verdict: 9/10

As these 2 flavours have gone down such a treat (pun intended) we will definitely have to try the other goodies that Lupin Loves has to offer.

They do:

  • carrot and tumeric bites
  • cheesy bones
  • peanut butter doggioreos
  • salmon and sweet potato hearts
  • doggy chocolates

Which ones do you think we should try next?

These treats are perfect for dogs like Hendrix who have a very sensitive tummy. We are still in the process of trying to work out exactly what upsets his tummy but we seem to think that grain and rice are the culprits. At first we thought this meant that he wouldn’t be allowed many treats without suffering but thanks to businesses offering homemade treats I can feel more at ease that what he is getting will not make him ill later on. Lets be honest it is not much of a treat if you suffer for it afterwards!

You can find all of Lupin Loves treats on their website.

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